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Methodology for Compiling List of Nursing Homes with COVID-19

Updated: May 28, 2020

Our team scoured the internet and gathered information from over 2,500 news articles to compile our data. Our data includes lists from the available state health department reports. Different states have different criteria for listing a nursing home and we would refer anyone interested in more information about each state's reporting criteria to the relevant state health department. Colorado’s State Health Department listed a facility’s confirmed cases along with “probably” COVID cases and we added these together for our data. Florida specifies cases who had transferred out of the facility and those numbers were added in our data also.

When a media report did not explicitly specify whether the number of cases or deaths was from residents or staff, we counted the number reported in the patient column. For some facilities, no numbers of reported cases are mentioned. Additionally, since the news articles are compiled from earlier points in time, it is likely that there are more reported cases than mentioned. Please do not view the absence of a facility in this list as any kind of information as to whether COVID-19 is or is not present in that facility.

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of this list, but it represents cases of COVID-19 that we identified as being reported by the media or nursing homes listed by a state health department as of May 19, 2020. More details can be found by downloading this spreadsheet.

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