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List of Nursing Homes Not In State Department Reports

Updated: May 28, 2020

In states that published lists of nursing homes with COVID-19, we have identified over 200 COVID-19 infected facilities not recorded in their lists. These 200 facilities have COVID-19 cases reported in news articles but are missing from their respective state reports. There could be several reasons for this underreporting, including the fact that each state has unique criteria for including a facility on their list.

For example, some states are only publishing information on skilled nursing facilities while other states are only listing facilities with multiple cases or fatalities. Two additional possibilities include a time lag between facility-reported and news-reported cases, as well as potential underreporting by facilities, as they self-report case numbers to the states. Lastly, we realize our list of missing nursing homes is based on the state reported numbers as of April 27 and additional nursing homes will likely have been added to state lists since then. However, the reasons described above do not apply to all the state lists, because some states do not require a minimum number of cases before reporting.

Click here to download the full list of nursing home facilities not listed in their respective state department reports.

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